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Letter from Kevin Lenon

Election packets were Mailed out October 1 2018.

 If you do not receive your packet please contact the tribe to insure we have your correct mailing address.  

    Checklist of items contained in the Election Notice Packet;


    A statement about the positions to be filled, including the names of the current Council Members whose terms are expiring, and the number of vacant or unexpired terms that shall be filled by the election

(This information is included in the Notification of Election Day)


    A current eligible voters list. updated Oct 19th 2018


    Notification of Election Day, which shall be the deadline for submitting ballots to the Election Board no later than 4:30 p.m. on Election Day.


□  A calendar of events setting forth the election deadlines and  important dates.


    Voter Registration Form, with return envelope addressed to the Election Board.  Please fill this out to register for the 1st time or if currently a Registered Voter to Make sure your address is up to date.


    A statement about the method and deadline for declaring candidacy and a Candidate Application Form with return envelope addressed to the Election Board.  If applying to be a Candidate please also include a biography containing your platform and how you plan on reaching bipartisanship to unite the tribe.


    A sample ballot


    Any other information or notices consistent with the Ordinance necessary to facilitate a fair and efficient election process.



Election Board Members:

        Eric Armstrong, Chairman

        Ronda Metcalf, Vice Chairman

        Alisa Clark, Secretary

        Victoria Trailor,  Board Member 

        Dana Roberts,  Board Member   





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