Sauk-Suiattle Indian Tribe

Health and Social Services Department

      The goal of the Sauk-Suiattle Indian Tribe Health and Social Services Department is to provide health care, social services, drug and alcohol prevention, aftercare rehabilitation, and alcohol counseling to children, youth, adults, and elders of our community in a manner that best reflects our cultural beliefs. We aim to create safe and healthy paths to bridge the differences between our Sauk Suiattle culture and the majority culture. We provide a safe environment where our people can reframe and incorporate the values of the elders, in order to build a solid secure future all the while respecting each individual's unique identity. We also communicate to other agencies and departments the needs of our community and advocate to protect and defend the unique qualities of our spiritual life. Through the provision of these services, and maintaining a congruency between our culture and the regulating standards, we will move towards self sufficiency, provide the continuity to link our generations, and promote the growth of a strong people. 

 Medical transportation request form in PDF format can be found here

Medical transportation request form in MS word format (doc) can be found here


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